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  • Location: Japan

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Try what's new, make technology work for you. My professional passion is making work easier, more interesting, and more rewarding.


German by birth, graduated electronics engineer, B2B salesman for electronic measurement equipment, some design and programming experience, product safety inspector, management system auditor, department builder, coach, seminar lecturer, collaborative learner.

Technology scout and innovator, committed to the principles of continual improvement, ethics, sustainability and the UN Global Compact. Touched by honorable concepts such as Corporate Redesign as expressed by Corporation 20/20.

I admire the clarity of explanation you can get within a few minutes by Lee LeFever's Commoncraft videos "in Plain English".

I disclose potential conflict of interest, i.e. any compensation related to content of my blog.

Disclosure: Involved on a hobby basis in crowdsourcing business at - social product design (social selling, too, my quirky affiliate link). Involvement and where applicable, compensation are public.

I like to connect people to people and to information they need in order to be effective. (i) inspired by Michael Idinopulos, and others.


technology, collaboration, 2.0, two-way, recumbent cycling, improve, audio systems, make ears smile.